The powerful effects of sex pheromones have been well substantiated. You may have seen stories about human pheromones on MTV, 20/20, Dateline NBC, Hard Copy, or many other television programs. Newspapers from coast to coast, medical journals, and many different magazines have featured stories about the amazing discovery of pheromones.

Excerpts from recent media coverage

The Sex Sense Study: Men and Women Send Subconscious Odor Signals - Aug. 29, (ABC) "While it is well documented that females and males of many species can communicate through chemical signals called pheromones, there has remained some question as to whether humans can communicate this way as well." Click to read the full article.

Secrets of human attraction: - Aug. 29, (BBC) "A gene that could explain how humans pick up powerful chemical signals called pheromones may have been pinpointed for the first time. " Click to read the full article.

Study finds proof that humans react to pheromones: March 11, (CNN) "The power of smell is undeniable, as the multi-billion dollar perfume industry testifies. But is it possible that humans are influenced by airborne chemicals undetectable as odors, called pheromones?" Click to read the full article.

McCall's Magazine: "...Pheromones can improve one's sex life, pheromones send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that naturally trigger romantic feelings."

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