The truth says it all, here are just a few of the ones we have received.....

So here is my testimonial, I ordered a bottle of PrimalScent and it showed up a couple days later in the mail. Some friends were over when the mail arrived and right away they were asking me what this stuff was, so I told them. Right away they are on my case about buying some "love potion" and saying I was scammed. Of course, since I paid out the money I right away started to defend my purchase. My friends and I decided to go for lunch, so I put a few drops on to test it out. Well, we are at this restaurant and the waitress was being nice, which is expected since that is kinda her job. We are all finished up with the lunch and the waitress, straight out, asks me if I would like to go out with her and her friends to a show they are going to tonight!!! I was floored, I of course said yes.......and we have been dating ever since :). All I can say is PrimalScent really works!!

- Jason, Kansas

It was full moneyback guarantee so what did I have to lose. Anyway, a couple of days later it arrived, so I used only a drop on my shirt as recomended. I went to the bar, this woman, who I had seen in the bar a few times before but who had previously ignored me, was at the bar buying drinks alongside me and kept looking my way! I got up the courage and said "Can I buy your drink for you" - well after that it was all clear sailing.

- Ken, Minot

Dear PrimalScent: I thought I would drop you guys a line and let you know that I received the product and everything was good. I put some on my shirt before I went to the hardware store on Friday and the teller was smiling my way. It was kind of funny. Any way once this bottle is gone you can expect another sale from me!!

- Mark, L.A

I am just writing to tell you that I ordered PrimalScent on Monday and received it on Thursday. Just in time for the weekend. My friends and I went clubbin on Saturday night I was the only brother to get some loving that night. My room mate's sister would not leave me alone. Needless to say I am now looking for someone to rent the other room in my apartment. But I'm not looking for someone to stay in MY ROOM!!!

- Tyrone, New York

Finally a company that charges a fair price for a pheromone aphrodisiac that works. Incredibly satisfied. I always wondered how to get women and attract women - now I know PrimalScent pheromones are the secret.

- Ryan, Toronto

Finally a product that works to attract Men!!! There are very few other web sites that actually offer Pheromone for Women to Wear. I hope all the lady's realize that PrimalScent actually has a product for women too.

- Synthia - Wales, Eng


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